About Pro-Oceanus

Pro-Oceanus Systems Inc. provides
world-leading technology in our line of
advanced dissolved gas sensors.

Pro-Oceanus provides a wide variety of dissolved CO2 sensors to suit any application, from the highest accuracy submersible sensors to low-cost, rugged instruments. We deliver the largest range of submersible dissolved CO2 sensors, and work with customers to provide the ideal choice of equipment for their science.

We understand the complexities of measuring dissolved gases in a wide range of environments, and provide a high level of technical and scientific support to customers, allowing for the most informed decisions on sensor requirements to be made.

The breadth of choices from accuracy to price to data output makes Pro-Oceanus the only supplier you need for dissolved CO2 monitoring equipment.

Pro-Oceanus is proudly Canadian. Offering a wide range of products for dissolved CO2 monitoring, as well as rapid prototyping and production of custom equipment to suit any project. Our patented supported tubular interface provides the ultimate protection against biofouling and harsh conditions.

Pro-Oceanus equipment is being used around the World, from the Canadian Arctic, to the tropics, and under the ice in Antarctica. We work with customers ranging from academic to government to industry and major national and international observing systems including the US OOI, European FixO3, and Ocean Networks Canada, all have Pro-Oceanus sensors installed collecting valuable data about the state of the oceans.