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Accurate Measurement
of CO2 For Production
of Algae

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The Scenario

The promise of developing algal sources of fuel, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals while cycling CO2 gas from power plants or other waste sources as a feedstock has inspired a global research and development effort. Pilot plant designs have progressed to full size turn-key facilities, and laboratory research has given way to full scale production.

The Challenge

Large-scale production of algae requires optimization of CO2 levels for photosynthesis, and this requires an accurate measurement of CO2 in the growth medium followed by influx or removal of CO2 through sparging. In addition, some designs feature CO2 feed tanks where CO2 levels are kept as high as possible, up to as much as 100% CO2 in the gas phase at pressures well above atmospheric. Here too, measuring and controlling the CO2 level is critical.

The Solution

Working with industry, Pro-Oceanus scientists and engineers developed an industrial line of CO2 sensors suitable for measuring pCO2 in both algal growth ponds and in CO2 feedstocks.

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