• CO2-Pro detector mounted on a buoy
  • Measures pCO2 in surface water and in the
  • Chosen by the U.S. OOI program for use in
    its buoy initiative
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The CO2-Pro™ Atmosphere, built on the same platform as our classic CO2-Pro™, alternates between measuring pCO2 in surface water and in overlying air.

For use on surface buoys or on ships for underway measurements, the CO2-Pro Atmosphere” makes both air and water measurements using the same detector, which ensures accurate real-time data for determining air-sea CO2 fluxes.

The CO2-Pro™ Atmosphere consists of 1) a NEMA box for air intake that contains separators and filters to block bulk water and aerosols; and 2) a modified version of our CO2-Pro™ instrument alternating between measuring pCO2 in the water and air. The air intake box is mounted in clean air, e.g., the top of a buoy or on a ship’s forward mast (for underway measurements).

The modified CO2-Pro™ sensor is mounted beneath a buoy, or when used in underway mode, occupies a very small space on shipboard and requires only a source of power and surface seawater. The air intake box supplies the CO2-Pro™ sensor with sample air through low permeability, UV-resistant tubing.

The CO2-Pro™ Atmosphere has the same capabilities and measurement accuracy and precision as the CO2-Pro™ sensor and allows users to determine CO2 fluxes in and out of the oceans.


  • Measures both water and atmosphere gas
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Low power and lightweight
  • Unique antifouling protection
  • Onboard logging available

Physical Dimensions

  • Length: 33 cm (add 10 cm for connectors)
  • Diameter: 19 cm
  • Weight: 6.5 kg in air -0.5 kg in water
  • Housing: Acetal housing
  • NEMA Box: 21.5 cm x 21.5 cm x 14 cm

All of our instruments are covered by a ONE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY

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  • 0.5%

Zero drift: Automatic Zero Compensation

Equilibration time (t63): ~ 2.5 min (in water) 10 sec (in air)

Measurement range:
0-600 µatm
0-1000 µatm
0-2000 µatm
other custom ranges are available

Temperature ranges:
Arctic version: -2 to 15ºC
Standard: 0 to 30ºC
Tropical version: 15 to 40ºC

Electrical Characteristics

Input voltage:

  • 10-18 VDC

Power consumption:

  • 4 W (includes water pump)
  • 12W during warmup

Data storage: 2 Gb available with logger / controller option

Data output: RS-232 serial output, ASCII format (other outputs available)

Sample rate: 1 second (user selectable with datalogger / controller)