CO2-Pro™ CV

  • Compact version of the CO2-Pro™
  • Same accuracy and stability as our flagship
    model, in a smaller package
  • Lower cost, lighter weight, and comes with
    our flat “advanced matrix” gas transfer
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The CO2-Pro CV™ is a compact, lightweight, plug-n-play pCO2 sensor that is designed for use on moorings, on profilers, on ships in under-way mode, and in laboratories.

The CO2-Pro CV™ features the exceptional reliability, accuracy and stability of our famous CO2-Pro™, but open in a package that occupies less than half the volume.

The CO2-Pro CV™ instrument operates through rapid diffusion of gas from seawater through a new advanced matrix membrane to a non-dispersive infrared detector where pCO2 is measured.


  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Low cost
  • Low power and lightweight
  • Unique antifouling protection
  • Onboard logging available

Physical Dimensions

  • Length: 38 cm (add 10 cm for connectors)
  • Diameter: 10 cm
  • Weight: 2.8 kg in air, 0 kg in water
  • Housing: Acetal housing (depth rated to 600 meters)
  • Titanium housings and battery packs available

All of our instruments are covered by a ONE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY

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  • 0.5%

Zero drift: Automatic Zero Compensation

Equilibration time (t63): 1 minute
(with water pump)

Measurement range:
0-600 µatm
0-1000 µatm
0-2000 µatm
other custom ranges are available

Temperature ranges:
Arctic version: -2 to 15ºC
Standard: 0 to 30ºC
Tropical version: 15 to 40ºC

Electrical Characteristics

Input voltage: 10-18 V DC

Power consumption:

  • 3 W (excludes water pump)
  • 9.5 W during warmup

Data storage: 2GB Available with logger/controller option

Data output: RS-232 serial output, ASCII format (other outputs available)

Sample rate: 1 second (user selectable with datalogger / controller)