Rugged and versatile, with the broadest range
of options for data handling, design formats
and gas transfer interfaces.

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Pro-Oceanus Systems Inc. provides world-leading technology in our line of advanced dissolved gas sensors.

Measurements of dissolved gases in natural waters provide critical information for monitoring biological production, understanding the dynamics of greenhouse gases, surveying the distribution of pollutants, and determining the health of sensitive ecosystems.

Our sensors have been designed to be immersed in water to 300 meters depth (greater depths by special order), can be deployed in bore holes, on shipboard, or in in-line flow systems and are available with oil resistant gas transfer interfaces.

We offer a broad range of data handling options including onboard storage, RS-232, RS-485, polling, 4-20 ma and various voltage ranges, as well as, transmission by satellite link. Pro-Oceanus instruments are well suited for monitoring landfills and wastewater facilities, detecting contaminants in aquifers and wells, monitoring carbon capture and storage, detecting pipeline leaks and following oil spill dispersion.

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