Our History

Pro-Oceanus Systems Incorporated (PSI) was founded in 1998, driven by the need to measure dissolved gases in situ with a focus on providing high degree of accuracy and reliability.

The technology for the first PSI GTD-Pro™ was developed from research in the Oceanography Department at Dalhousie University at a time when measurements of dissolved gases in the oceans were made by collecting water samples for later analysis in the laboratory. Meanwhile, measurement technology had begun to shift away from ship-based laboratory methods to measurements by autonomous instruments on moorings, buoys, submersibles and profilers. These new platforms meant instrument deployments of six months to a year without the opportunity for re-calibration.

Introduction of the first GTD-Pro™ provided an accurate and highly stable new tool for researchers studying processes such as gas exchange, ocean mixing, carbon export and denitrification. Further advances through in-house R&D led to development in 2004 of the much acclaimed CO2-Pro™. Subsequent developments have included measurement and control systems for CO2-stat systems, the atmosphere/ ocean version of our CO2-Pro™, and our Mini™ series of instruments for industrial and environmental uses. Pro-Oceanus continues to move forward with our vision of providing highly stable and accurate dissolved gas sensors to a broad range of users in industry and in the oceanographic and environmental monitoring communities.

Pro-Oceanus is located in Oceanus House, formerly the courthouse, in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. We see great advantages in being located in Bridgewater where we benefit from highly skilled workers and yet, while we are close to Halifax, we also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the South Shore.