Research &
Development Projects


Global Ocean Flux of CO2

Accurate measurements of pCO2 in the surface ocean are essential for determining the spatial and temporal distributions of ocean sources and sinks for anthropogenic CO2

Wind Speed and Gas Flux Through Air Water Interface

Understanding the relationship between wind speed and gas flux through the air-water interface has long been a goal of oceanographers, limnologists and engineers…

Alliance for Coastal Technologies (ACT) Demonstration Study

Accurate measurements of pCO2 in the oceans are critical for determining the distribution of ocean sources and sinks, understanding ocean uptake of CO2 and monitoring the progress of ocean acidification…


Measuring Gases in Exploding Lakes

Dissolved gases, primarily CO2 and CH4, build up in volcanic African Rift lakes presenting a hazard to people living on the lake shores…

Understanding the Effect of Ocean Acidification on Organisms

As anthropogenic CO2 builds in the atmosphere, the oceans are becoming more acidic…


Accurate Measurement of CO2 for Large Scale Production of Algae

The promise of developing algal sources of fuel, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals while cycling CO2 gas from power plants or other waste sources as a feedstock has inspired a global research and development effort…

Reducing Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions to the Atmosphere

One highly promising solution for reducing anthropogenic input of CO2 to the atmosphere is to capture CO2 at the source and inject it into underground structures…