For coral reefs and ocean basins, coastal zones,
lakes and rivers, Pro-Oceanus offers the most
stable and accurate submersible dissolved gas
sensors on the planet.

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Pro-Oceanus Systems Inc. provides world-leading technology in our line of advanced dissolved gas sensors.

Measurements of dissolved gases in natural waters provide critical information for measuring biological production, understanding the dynamics of ocean mixing, studying gas exchange and investigating processes in anoxic waters.

Pro-Oceanus instruments are making measurements in all of the world’s oceans and in coastal waters and seas around China, Korea, Indonesia, the UK, the U.S., Australia, Canada, and various EU countries. In addition, our sensors have been deployed in both Arctic and Antarctic waters and have logged millions of nautical miles making underway measurements on shipboard along ocean transects.

In Australia our CO2-Pro™ controls the concentration of CO2 in 10,000 liter tanks of seawater used to study the health of coral reefs.

Others of our instruments have been dropped from airplanes into paths of hurricanes to study ocean mixing and gas exchange, but perhaps, the most exotic use of our instruments is in Lake Kivu, West Africa where our GTD-Pro™ is monitoring gas build-up in one of the “killer lakes”.

How good are our instruments? In a 2009 international demonstration project conducted by the Alliance for Coastal Technologies in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, the Pro-Oceanus Systems CO2-Pro™ performed exceptionally well in competition with other submersible CO2 sensors.

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