Technical Notes

1.1 - Dissolved CO2 and Units of Measurement

Dissolved carbon dioxide sensors often utilize equilibrator systems with semi-permeable membranes in order to measure CO2 directly in the gas phase, most commonly using an infrared detector…

1.2 - Membrane Equilibration Dynamics

The equilibrium of dissolved gas sensors with surrounding water requires diffusion of molecules from a liquid across a semipermeable membrane to a gaseous headspace…

1.3 - Accuracy of CO2-Pro Series Sensors

The submersible CO2-Pro Series of instruments manufactured by Pro-Oceanus provide long-term accuracy and stability for carbon dioxide (CO2) measurements…

For ALL instrument returns for maintenance, re-calibration, and repair, please contact Pro-Oceanus for an RMA number prior to shipping it freight pre-paid to Pro-Oceanus:

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Carefully package in the instrument’s original protective case, and clearly mark as fragile goods and return for repair on the outside of the case.

Pro-Oceanus will make every attempt to provide an estimate of the cost of maintenance and repair prior to return of the instrument(s). Once an instrument arrives at our facility, trained staff will conduct preliminary testing of each instrument and provide a report to the customer outlining any issues and costs that may be incurred.

All Pro-Oceanus instruments are covered by a ONE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY
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