February 11, 2021

COVE Stella Maris: A new multi-sensor seabed platform

Pro-Oceanus is excited to announce the COVE Stella Maris, a multi-sensor seabed platform to be deployed in 10 meters of water in Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia. The project has been developed and will be operated by the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE). Currently, there are 22 local companies who are part of this testing platform and the data that will be collected in real-time will allow for testing of new innovations, improve the global reach of local SMEs, increase collaborative efforts, and further add to the training tools available for the next generation of ocean technology workforce.

With our CO2-Pro CV deployed on the seabed platform, Pro-Oceanus will be providing a window into the effects of climate change on ocean chemistry, serving as a tool for public education and training of scientists. The platform will also serve as a valuable addition to the R&D testing capabilities that Pro-Oceanus has access to, helping us to continue to create the most accurate and reliable submersible dissolved gas sensors in the world.

More information on the COVE Stella Maris can be found here. Additionally, live ocean data and video feeds will be displayed in the operations centre, inside COVE, and on the COVE website at
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