May 6, 2024

Pro-Oceanus Systems announces Mark Barry as new President

Dissolved Gas Sensor manufacturer, Pro-Oceanus Systems, proudly announces the appointment of Mark Barry as its new President and Owner.

Mark moves in to the role of President after joining Pro-Oceanus in 2012 and working through a number of progressives roles within the company prior to this appointment. He brings strong knowledge in science, engineering and business to lead Pro-Oceanus forward as a company that has seen revenues increase an average of 30% per year over the past 5 years while he was the VP of Business Development.

“I am truly excited to lead Pro-Oceanus. From enhancing our interaction with partners, to foster new innovation in product development, to leading to the advancement of sensors for monitoring dissolved greenhouse gases are keys to the future of Pro-Oceanus. Enhancing the reliability of Pro-Oceanus products through continuous improvement in all areas of the business is a key goal moving forward” says Mark.

The creation of a strong and stable global base for our products continues to be the focus, with expansion of new products that are designed with this base in mind. Expanding into emerging markets such as aquaculture and wastewater will also be part of the overall strategy to expand and grow.

We would like to thank Dr. Bruce Johnson for his leadership throughout the past 26 years and we wish him well in his next endeavours.

About Pro-Oceanus Systems
Pro-Oceanus designs and manufactures quality dissolved gas sensors for monitoring our continually changing environment, providing solutions to research and industry since 1998.

Press Contact
For further information: For Media Inquiries, please contact: Cyndel Kelly, Sales and Marketing Director,


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