August 10, 2020

Integration of Pro-Oceanus pCO2 sensor on Alseamar SeaExplorer

Pro-Oceanus is proud to announce the successful integration of the Mini CO2 sensor on the versatile and reliable SeaExplorer glider platform from Alseamar.  Alseamar's technical and engineering team were tremendous in making this integration a reality to facilitate the measurement of pCO2 profiles in the ocean. Used in several research studies to date, the data collected have proven this to be a powerful new tool, enabling scientists to better understand pCO2 dynamics over larger areas than previously possible with fixed platforms and surface vessels.

One recent project involved deploying a glider in January 2020 and again in June 2020. This focused on measuring the seasonal distribution of CO2 at sea in both winter and summer, using an inshore-offshore transect between the south coast of France and the DYFAMED time-series station (SOERE MOOSE). For full details of this project, click here.

Pro-Oceanus is looking forward to continued efforts in further developing and improving this integration with Alseamar to support the research goals of the global scientific community.

Integrated Mini CO2 sensor installed on the SeaExplorer Glider
Mini CO2 integrated on the SeaExplorer Glider


Mark Barry

VP Business Development


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