December 8, 2020

Measuring Air-Sea CO2 Fluxes on the US OOI Arrays

Pro-Oceanus has been supporting the US OOI Program since 2014 in its measurement of air-sea CO2 fluxes through the use of our CO2-Pro Atmosphere sensors on OOI surface buoys spanning the Atlantic to Antarctic to Pacific Oceans. Pro-Oceanus is appreciative of the efforts of the various working groups within the US OOI for ensuring high quality data, while also providing important feedback for continual improvement. The US OOI Program collects a wide range of ocean data that is used by researchers and government to better understand the changes occurring in our waters. As the collection of ocean surface CO2 flux data moves from static buoys and shipboard measurements to autonomous surface vehicles, Pro-Oceanus continues to advance this technology to adapt to the ever-changing sea of platforms, while maintaining the long-term stability and accuracy of our equipment.

The US OOI Data portal provides all of the data free of charge and accessible by anyone. All equipment and the air-sea CO2 flux measurement is detailed on their website.

If you have questions on the CO2-Pro Atmosphere sensor or the data collected by the US OOI for air-sea CO2 flux, please reach out to the science and technical team at Pro-Oceanus, we are happy to engage in conversation about this or any other question you may have.




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