Pro™ Series

Proven Reliable Observations

Pro™ Series

Proven Reliable Observations
CO2-Pro™ CV

The most versatile and accurate submersible sensor for monitoring CO2, our flagship model is deployed on moorings, profilers and underway in studies of the near surface to the deep ocean.

CO2-Pro™ ATM

Ruggedly designed for CO2-flux studies in the harshest environments; integrated on ocean buoys around the world.

CO2-Pro™ FT

Designed for continuous benchtop monitoring of CO2 on ships and in laboratories.


The most accurate sensor in the world for measuring total dissolved gas pressure in studies of gas build-up, air-sea gas flux, and net biological production.


Our flagship model for accurate CO2 monitoring in shallow water features our patented tubular interface with antifouling.


Battery packs, water pumps, integration cables, antifouling protection, cages and mounts.